Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 12

This may be a short post; I'm not really in the mood to blog today...

Baby this week is about 2 inches long: Roughly the length of a plum. Baby's "critical systems are fully formed." Baby will soon be able to open and close hands and toes, if not doing so already. Baby's reflexes are even developing. Now we've reached the stage where baby gains more size, weight, and tissue development. Oh, Baby also looks less like an alien, since the eyes have moved from the sides of the head in toward where they're supposed to be.*

It's so cool learning all this stuff every week. It just blows my mind. Truly God does knit us together in the womb. What a beautiful thing that is.

I am ALMOST done with the first trimester! Apparently, week 12 is not the end, but week 13... so week 14 is the first in the second trimester. Ah,whatever.

This week has been decent. Yesterday I felt pretty rough all day, and today I'm tired, but otherwise it's been good. My body has started regulating the BO issue better. I'm still smelly in the morning, but it's not nearly as bad as it was last week. One of the newer symptoms I've noticed is mood swings. I'm pretty happy most of the time, sometimes I'm almost giddy... but other times, like when I bump my head or can't wake Jon up when the dog is whining, I get inexplicably, incredibly mad. Just like that *snaps fingers.* It really annoys me, actually, because I know there's no real reason for me to be so mad I want to scream and cry, but I just can't seem to help it.

Constipation... I've been eating prunes daily. Might be helping, but so far nothing major. I'm not super uncomfortable all the time, though.

My weight is down 7 pounds since I got pregnant (no idea how) but my jeans don't fit any more. Well, the one pair that does (used to be huge on me!) has a giant hole in the crotch. So I'm going to have to get some maternity pants soon; boo, hiss.

We've slowly been accumulating baby gear. We've gotten a couple outfits from my sisters, I got a nursing pillow for cheap online (I had a coupon code, just pay shipping) that I'm not sure will work (it's pretty tiny), a used pack 'n' play from our church, and Jon came home today with a baby wrap carrier and a nursing cover. I can't wait to go shopping and buy lots of cute things. =] Thankfully, though, we haven't spent much on baby stuff so far.

Okay, not such a short post. I'm off to make some rice to go with our red beans tonight. Enjoy your dinners.

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