Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 11

Go to your grocery store tomorrow. Pick up an average-sized lime. That's how big my baby is already! Crazy, isn't it? Averaging 1.5 inches long, but still only about a quarter of an ounce in weight. (Okay... thinking about this... are limes REALLY only an inch and a half long? Maybe I haven't seen a lime since I was 5, but they seem bigger than that, in my head... hmmm.) The head is about the same size as the body at this point (could you imagine walking around with a 4-foot-long head? Yikes.) and the skin is sorta translucent... slightly creepy. But still amazing. Tooth buds are forming. Bone and cartilage are continuing to form. Baby keeps on growing! *

My newest symptom is so cute, you guys will flip. I wake up every. single. morning and smell pleasantly like so much BO it's awesome. (//sarcasm//) Guys, I've never really sweat much, and even when I did, applying deodorant once a day was sufficient to keep me smelling like daisies in springtime. But THIS. Oh, it's awful! I can't lift up my arms for fear I'll black out. Even after washing with soap (which I don't typically have to do!) I STILL SMELL. WHILE I'M STILL IN THE SHOWER. It's disgusting. I have to wash my pjs like every day or two. Thankfully, Jon's been sleeping downstairs (he's been sick, and can't breath in a fully reclined position) so he's been spared the pleasure of smelling such a pungent aroma. Hopefully applying more deodorant before bed will help... we'll see. Or, smell, rather.

Otherwise my symptoms are pretty much the same as before. I have good days with energy and motivation when stuff gets done, and I have bad days where I'm slightly nauseous all day, exhausted, and feel like anything other than reading is just too much work for one day. Still constipated. But over all I would say that I'm doing pretty well.

As I mentioned before, Jon got really sick last week with a nasty cold. Fortunately, with the help of my essential oils, I never even got a sore throat. Runny nose, yes, but I think that has more to do with being pregnant, since it's been going on for, oh, about 6-8 weeks, give or take. I'm just SO thankful I didn't get sick.

I think that's pretty much it. Yeah. kthanksbye

*If you don't know by now that the info is found at, you should.

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