Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 13

Who here loves peaches? I know Jon is quite fond of them (as shown by his nightly glass of peach tea, with a shot of peach Schnapps in it, ha). Peaches are my favorite right now, too, since my baby is about as big as one! Almost 3 inches long! Unfortunately, I have NO IDEA how much the baby weighs, because on the VERY SAME PAGE of it says in one place that the baby weighs .81 oz (that's point-eight-one) ounces, but in a video embedded in the page it says baby is about half a pound. So, yeah. Inconsistent. But we'll go with half a pound, because that sounds better. Baby's vocal cords and teeth are forming, and the intestines are moving from the placenta into the baby's belly. Who knew the intestines formed in the placenta first?! So weird! And, just about the coolest thing I've ever heard: My baby, at 13 weeks gestation, already has FINGERPRINTS.
Kinda like Juno being told the baby has fingernails was a huge deal to her, the fact that my baby has fingerprints is just incredible; already a unique person with an identity... Remarkable.

One more week until the second trimester! I can't wait to have more energy and feel better... also, I'm ready for food to start tasting good again. Although, this carrot-with-Italian-dressing that I'm munching on right now is pretty delectable.

The only new symptom that I can think of is that I MIGHT have felt the baby moving a couple times... it's hard to say for sure. A couple times it felt like gas, but where I imagine my baby to be... and once I even felt like a hand or foot was pushing against my belly. That only happened once, and it was last night and super cool. I hope it was the baby! Feeling the baby moving is probably the one thing I've been looking forward to the most. =]

So most of you know that until like your third trimester you go see your doc every 4 weeks. Well, the ultrasound was my first appt, and Monday I had my second. If you need details of the visit, you can ask, but I'll skip over most of it, as it wasn't interesting. The INTERESTING part was that I GOT TO HEAR BABY'S HEARTBEAT FOR THE FIRSTIEST TIME EVER AND I STILL CAN'T STOP SMILING BECAUSE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND THE BEST SOUND EVER. She used a doppler and let me record the audio on my phone, since Jon wasn't able to be there and I wanted him to hear it. I listen to it like every hour. I love it so much. Speaking of which... *goes to listen to it.* I texted it to my whole family and my mother-in-law... if anyone else has texting and wants to hear it, get me your number and I'll send it to you.

As for things gotten for baby this week: We went ahead and purchased a swing for Baby... used... from Savers... for 12 dollars before Jon's discount. HA! Love it!

Anything else...? I don't think so. I keep telling myself I'm going to take belly pics, but I haven't yet... I think I'll start with the second trimester. Maybe even post them for ya'll to see. =]

Oh, added note: Baby's hb was "150s-160s" according to the doc.

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