Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It Came, It Came!

My book came today! I'm so happy. Now I can't decide if I want to read it or take a nap. Or do the things I actually have to get done today... But apparently complaining about it online is the best way to go in terms of getting your merchandise quickly. Haha. Also, on the package, it said it was "Time sensitive material," whatever that means.

Also, sadly, last night my sister and her husband were driving at night and the car in front of them hit a very little fawn, probably this year's. Unfortunately, the poor thing didn't die on impact, but its spine was broken and couldn't use its back legs. Julie and Damon had to call the sheriff who drove out and (after 3 shots!) finally managed to kill the deer. My family was able to have the carcass and now we have fresh venison! I got some good bones and stew meat and am going to make some venison stock.(Yay! I'll take pictures this time!) So, sad the little guy was hit and suffering for a while, but glad that he didn't go to waste.

Okay, sorry for the random post, but I just wanted to update you all.

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