Thursday, October 11, 2012

GAPS Update: Day 9

Apparently my coping skills were somehow tied up in food, because now that I can't eat the junk I find I can't cope. Every little thing feels like the end of the world. They are doing a lot of remodeling at work, and there was a pole with a big light switch sticking out, and I backed into it. It hurt! I said, "Ouch!" fairly loud, and A, the 3 1/2 year old, goes, "Are you okay, Taya? What happened?" I'm fighting tears at this point, so I don't answer right away. He keeps asking. Like, a million times. I get fed up and said, perhaps a bit harshly, "A, just stop asking questions for a bit!" and then burst into tears and sob for a few minutes. It didn't even hurt that bad. I also kept getting the hiccups today, and thought I would end up pulling my hair out because they were annoying me so badly. So, apparently I need some new coping skills, other than ignoring the annoyance (not good when the annoyance is 18 months or 3 1/2... and HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU JUST IGNORE HICCUPS?!) Any advice?

So, besides for the whole end-of-the-world-because-A-is-asking-me-another-question thing, today was decent until this evening. I went for a [short] walk (only 10-15 minutes) when I got home while dinner cooked. Then I started feeling like I'm getting a cold: sore throat, headache, foggy head, etc., which are probably just die-off symptoms, and, though uncomfortable, not a bad thing (as long as it doesn't get too bad).

So, we are almost out of carrots; I'll have to buy a ton again this weekend at the farmer's market. Maybe eggs if I can find them. And I don't know what else...

I want a blueberry muffin... with butter... warm, fresh from the oven... *huge smile*

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I might not keep updating daily if there's nothing to report. But we'll see. Sometimes it's nice to have a place to rant.

May you always find some amount of happiness in food, if only in the thought of it.

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