Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GAPS Update: Day 7

Wow. Seven full days have come and gone since I started this diet. It's going remarkably well! I only cheated once, so far, and that was last week at work. I almost cheated again today... my boss had made cookies... there were three containers of them sitting on the counter... I opened one... smelled the cookies... grabbed a cookie... broke it in half (I was "only" going to eat half...)... looked at the cookie... put it back in the container... closed the container... and walked away. Although I don't regret that decision, I have been thinking about that cookie all day.

I think I'm not getting enough fats, and that's why my cravings are so bad. Plus, it was just always a habit to eat. Now I have to break that habit. Well, technically I don't, I just have to eat healthy stuff. But I'm still trying to reprogram my brain so that TV doesn't equal popcorn and juice from concentrate (aka sugar). Carbs and sugar... my life before. I miss them. But I am committed.

Jon moved to stage 2 today. I don't know if I'm ready yet. I might try some of the foods from stage 2 and see how my body handles them. If I do okay, I'll go forward. One of the main things from stage 2 is raw egg yolks though, and I don't think I can handle them yet. I'll do a sensitivity test this week sometime.

I weighed myself this morning (I couldn't help it!) and discovered that I lost almost 2 pounds since Sunday... that's a total weight loss of almost 7 pounds now. A pound a day... I can handle that. I just have to brace myself for when that slows down...

I can't wait to get on full gaps when we can make variations on apple pie and bread, peanut butter pie and creme caramel. Oh, I can't wait. Hopefully the next 5 stages go really quickly!!

Jon and I watched the pilot episode for Doctor Who tonight. It was interesting, to say the least. Neither of us is sure about it yet. Does it get better? More addictive? Just what I need... more addiction in my life! First junk food, now Switched at Birth.. Yikes. Yes. I'm a nerd. (I only like Switched at Birth because I'm picking up a lot of sign language... and Daphne is pretty cute.)

Oh, some things that I've noticed about this diet... I am WAY less gassy (just ask Jon... he appreciates it!) and my indigestion is GONE. I feel like I haven't gone to the bathroom very much (hence my hesitation to move to the next stage) but I don't feel bloated or crampy or anything. For the last few weeks before we started the diet I felt sick when I was hungry or right after I ate (lose, lose) and ever since we started GAPS I have had very minimal stomach upset. (Some minor nausea occasionally, but nothing major.) So those are all definitely great things. (Hope that wasn't too much info... I tried to be discreet and lady-like about it all.)

*Sigh* ...oh, that cookie...

EDITED TO ADD: I just want you all to know that my right ear is twitching like CRAZY these last few days. It used to "only" twitch if I was really relaxed and lying with my head leaning to my right or lying on my right side without pressing my ear to something (i.e. a pillow) (or when I was relaxed and pushed a certain spot on my chin... but that's just weird). Now it twitches even when I lie on my left side, even when my ear is pushed up against a pillow, and sometimes when I'm not even relaxed! It's SO ANNOYING. I'm actually hoping that this diet will clear that up... but I honestly have no idea if it will. Strange, huh?

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