Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 37

How can I possibly be FULL TERM? Wasn't it just like a month ago I was only 8 weeks pregnant and couldn't believe that summer would ever get here, let alone the end of July? And now look! Summer is halfway over, and I could have a baby any day now! That's both exciting AND terrifying! Although at my midwife appointment yesterday she said that I seem really calm for a first time mom, so that's kinda nice.

Baby's lungs are continuing to mature, and Baby could be nearing around 7 pounds. Other than putting on fat and getting ready to breathe, Baby is mostly just hanging around in there. At 37 weeks, there isn't much Baby needs to do! From this point on, Baby will only gain a few ounces a week... thank goodness!

As for me, I feel like I'm never going to go into labor... not because I'm uncomfortable or feel done with being pregnant, but because I'm so NOT uncomfortable and am feeling perfectly happy still being pregnant. I mean, I really want to meet this baby, and with my mother-in-law coming to visit around my due date, it would be great to have a baby to show off (and get her help and expertise with!), but if it weren't for those things, I feel like I'd be fine going past 40 weeks. There's still stuff to do to get ready, and besides being tired and having a hard time getting up from the couch and out of the car, I'm really rather enjoying things, still.

I've had to use ACV for indigestion like 3 times this week, which is like nothing. I HAVE been more irritable/hormonal/grumpy/emotional lately. Like, the other day I was in the shower and had forgotten to grab a wash cloth to wash my face, so I tried calling Jon a couple times to grab me one, but he didn't hear me. So I'm standing in the shower trying not to cry because I don't have a wash cloth. True story. I was so mad and upset over it I could barely handle it emotionally.

I have had more Braxton Hicks contractions, and some mild low cramping, but nothing resembling real, or even false, labor. (Except for last week, but I think I talked about that in last week's blog...)

So, as I mentioned earlier, I had my 37 week midwife appointment yesterday. My belly measured at 40 cm. Last week it was only at 37 cm, meaning my belly/baby grew 3 cm this week! No wonder my skin was hurting! It was from being stretched! Baby was doing great, heart rate was 138 bpm.

I think that's pretty much it as far as this week goes. We placed the last 2 orders for baby stuff last night; hopefully those will get here soon. I do have a few things I need to get at Target that they didn't have online, and I'm going to a bag sale at Once Upon a Child (a secondhand store) on Saturday. So that'll be fun.

My hospital bag is *mostly* packed... There are still a few things I need to add and Jon has to do his bag. But yeah! Things are winding down!

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