Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 34

A measly three weeks until I'm considered full term... six weeks until my due date... and Baby will be here for sure in eight weeks. That's like, not much time AT ALL. Terrifying. I was thinking of this last night, and had a minor panic attack realizing that labor and parenthood is so very close. There is still so much to do!

Baby is likely over 17 inches long and weighs over 5 lbs, although there is a huge variance in the third trimester in the size of the baby, so it's hard to say for sure. But even so, that's starting to get pretty big! Apparently, these last few weeks the baby isn't changing a whole lot, just getting bigger and maturing.

I am convinced I'm having one of the easiest pregnancies ever in the world. Seriously. I was thinking about this last night, too. I have barely had to deal with indigestion, leg cramps, painful baby movements, extreme cravings or emotional issues, general discomfort, swelling, major scares, etc. My biggest complaints are that I was nauseous from like week 7 to week 13 or 14, and I NEVER threw up; fatigue; my sciatic pain acts up once in a while, minor swelling when it's hot out; irritability (though not extreme) and a husband who refused to go out at like 8 at night to get me ice cream once because he knew it wasn't a real craving, it just sounded kinda good. I am, honestly, loving being pregnant. And I don't say all that to brag. I was bound and determined to enjoy this time because I wanted it so badly for so long... I just didn't expect it to be this easy. I hope it's a foreshadow for how my labor is going to go, but...

TMI, sorry, but I do believe I'm getting a hemorrhoid, and so am using some essential oils to help with that. Also going to start taking diatomaceous earth again to help make going to the bathroom easier. I still go (usually 2-4 times a day, yay!) but it's not always easy. So I think those things will help. I really probably shouldn't put that in the post, but eh, sue me. I should make a mixture with witch hazel and essential oils... hmmm...

I do believe I'm going to actually pack my hospital bag this week, and figure out what I need to buy for labor/delivery/post-partum. I think that would be good to do. I'm also making some cloth wipes, because I have a TON of flannel I can use up, and that way we don't have to buy any. My sewing machine is a bit irritating though because it keeps breaking my thread, so that's always fun. We don't have many clothes, but we do have some newborn so I'm thinking we'll be okay until Baby is here, and then we can go out and buy clothes in bigger sizes that are gender-specific. We've still got a lot more to do, though. I think the crib and crib mattress are the only other big purchases we have to make. There are lots of little things we need, though, like sheets and a changing pad/covers, some prefold diapers, stuff like that. So, still lots to do.

Oh, should I bring my breast pump to the hospital? My mother-in-law bought me a breast pump, which was super awesome of her, and I'm wondering if I'll need it. We do live like 5 minutes from the hospital, so someone could always come and get it if need be... hmm... so much to plan and think about!

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