Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 21

I am officially been pregnant for longer than I will remain pregnant... that's a strange thought. A slightly terrifying thought, haha.

Now, according to my baby grew about 4 inches this week, and is now 10.5 inches long, and 12.7 ounces in weight. That seems like a HUGE growth spurt for one week--baby almost doubling in length--so I'm not sure if I trust those numbers completely, but it's cool nonetheless. Baby's digestive system is already producing, although not expelling, meconium; and, if it's a girl, her ovaries and eggs are formed, meaning I could potentially have my grandchildren inside of me right now, influencing their future health and all that... whoa. Trippy.

On to symptoms... do I really need to keep mentioning that I'm exhausted all the time? I feel like you should just assume that I'm tired... always.

Saturday I had bouts of mild dizziness all day long, and a few random ones since then, but nothing serious or debilitating.

I think my hands are a bit swollen... but it's so slight that I'm not even sure about it, and it causes no discomfort or anything. The only reason I've noticed is because my ring feels a bit tight.

Dry skin and dry eyes, paired with excess mucus... not a fun combo.

Irritability, still... which is irritating.

This last Saturday was really fun. Jon and I drove up to the cities and went to Buy Buy Baby and Ikea. The only reason we went to Buy Buy Baby was to try car seats in the car. Although my knees are like 2 inches from the dash, we've decided to go with the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat and the Chicco Liteway Plus stroller. We're both really happy with the decision; I just wish the Jetta was a little bigger so I had, you know, leg room. We also walked around and marveled at the expense of buying baby things new and brand name. I mean, really. I think we saw one or two cribs that were UNDER 300 BUCKS (most were $400-over $1000) and most mattresses were $300+... I-I-I-I don't think so. I also wanted to go to Ikea to check out baby stuff there, since it's much more reasonably priced... and yeah. Their "expensive" crib was $130 bucks... the cheapest was $70 (and got good ratings in the Baby Bargains most recent edition!) and the mattresses were even cheaper. You can't beat THAT! We didn't buy a crib yet, but if we end up buying one, that's what we plan on doing. We DID, however, buy a 5-drawer dresser, a 3-drawer dresser, and a nightstand... all for under $200 bucks, thanks to their AS IS section. We weren't planning on buying anything, but at that price, we couldn't say no. So, baby has dressers and a nightstand for forever. Oh, the wood isn't finished, but we figure that's a small inconvenience given the price. And we're going to use the smaller dresser as a changing table. It's a win-win!

Hm... what else? Jon bought a little kid cushiony chair from Savers for cheap. So that's fun.

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it... until next week!

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