Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 24

I am already almost done with my second trimester: Only 4 more weeks to go! That's just crazy.

This week, Baby has been gaining weight and length, but is still pretty vague about exact size. It does say my baby is the size of a cantaloupe... oh dear Lord. Baby's skin is more opaque instead of translucent, and is getting a pinkish tinge due to capillaries that have been forming. So that's cute. Otherwise, not a whole lot going on this week, it seems. (Because we all know growing and developing is "not a whole lot," right? //sarcasm//)

As for symptoms: Same as they have been. My hands and feet are definitely swollen, but not a lot or to the point where it's uncomfortable, just enough to notice. So I've been eating more protein; according to a Dr. Brewer, if the swelling is due to toxemia protein will help keep it under control.

My skin is super dry and itchy, but I got a lotion from the store today that I hope will help. I'm so cheap when it comes to buying lotion... oh wow. This bottle was 12 oz and cost 9.99. It was the best deal. I was going to get some body butter stuff, but it was WAY more expensive, and I was like, "Psh, no way I'm spending 13 or 14 bucks for that much lotion!" Then I got home and spent $80 on a probiotic... priorities, people. In my defense, it's a LOT of probiotic and I am taking it in the hopes that I test negative for GBS when the time comes. More on that at a later date.

Hm... what else... I really don't have a lot to report... baby is moving around a lot, and I got to hear the heart "beep" today, which is the best ever. It was at about 150, so that's good. I think that's a "boy" heart beat, according to old wives' tales... I think above 140 is considered boy. So, I guess my point is that it could be a boy... but there's an equally good chance it could be a girl, so you just never know. =]

I'm getting excited for my baby shower. The planning is just in its beginning stages, but hopefully I'll be able to have it by the end of June. We shall see.

Also, Jon and I decided on the color to paint the nursery, so we just have to take of the paneling in the room, sand down the glue, texture the walls, and then paint it! (Yes, I realize that's a lot of work, and Jon's doing most of it. He's a good man.) We also got some curtains from Savers at $6 a piece before Jon's discount, and some fabric from JoAnn's to make some wall hangings. I can't wait to get all these projects started and see the nursery come together! We also need to buy a sealer for the unfinished dressers we got from IKEA a few weeks ago. It's starting to get real, folks!

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