Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 22

Apparently this is the time when Baby hits growth spurts and not at the same time as all other babies... according to, Baby can be anywhere from 10.5 (length given last week) and 11.8 inches long, and weigh between 12.7 and 20.8 ounces... any time during the fifth month. It also says, though, that baby is about the size of a papaya, so if you're familiar with those, you have an idea on the size of my babe. Baby has better-developed eyes and lips, so looks more like a newborn, and is sleeping in cycles... uh, duh. Right now, Baby is in an awake cycle, and is happily kicking and punching me. I don't mind, though; it doesn't hurt yet. It just makes me smile a little. =]

Symptoms have been so easy, lately. Kicking, punching, squirming, rolling, twitching... seems like all the time, sometimes. Except for at night, when Jon is home and wants to feel the baby, and then it's like, "oh, nap time!" and all movement stops for the evening. Go figure.

I'm still tired, but I feel good. Most days I have enough motivation to get things done. Most days. Some days I don't. But I think that's just me being lazy, and not me being pregnant. Although being pregnant is a good excuse to put my feet up now and again.

The swelling (if I even am dealing with that... sometimes I can't even tell) has not gotten any worse, which is awesome. Hoping that doesn't change.

I guess I am dealing with irritability and being grumpy quite a bit... I feel like this trimester has been more unstable emotionally than the first trimester was. Which is kind of annoying, but oh well.

Since I'm sure you all are dying to know this, I have not been constipated since I started taking the diatomaceous earth. You guys, I love that stuff. It's awesome. Although I just read a thing online that said it can be high in heavy metals, (Wow, took me 3 tries to spell "metals" right... I typed medals at first, and was like, wait, no...) and so I should be ingesting some selenium too... Hmm... I should see how much selenium my prenatal has.

I am still 1-2 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight... not expecting that to last long, although I'm happy I'm not gaining a ton of weight.

I MISS SLEEPING/LYING ON MY STOMACH. Seriously. Even my back... my hips wake me up from being sore from lying on them all the time.

As for how I'm doing emotionally, I LOVE being pregnant. I really do. Not because it makes me feel more beautiful or sexy or whatever, although I do think I have more confidence in my body... I think it's more because it makes me feel empowered. I have doubted myself for such a long time, in basically everything... but in this, growing a human, my body is doing perfectly. Plus, I've wanted it for so long, that I am just totally relishing in the feelings and emotions that I have been experiencing. I am, however, seriously terrified and doubting whether or not I'll be a good mom... so I plan on writing down some things I want to remember as I parent, and maybe make some wall art out of it, to help remind me. But that's another issue altogether... but this pregnancy thing is golden. =]

Anyway, I think that's mostly it for this week... I have been doing more exercises and am trying to prepare more for the birthing aspect of being pregnant. Now that the weather's decent, I plan on walking more. I ordered some red raspberry leaf tea and plan on having that most days. So, yup. Things are moving right along!

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