Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 29

*Sigh* I'm sorry these get posted so late... I just... time gets away from me! On Tuesday I'm all like, "Okay, tomorrow is Wednesday, gonna have to do my blog post... I'm gonna try to get to it early..." Nope. Never happens. And right now I'm watching the Chicago Blackhawks lose their 4th consecutive hockey game, so I'm going to be distracted... sorry in advance is something doesn't make sense.

So, the general-ish consensus is that baby is about 15 inches long, and around or just over 2 1/2 pounds. That's like, wow. Fat is accumulating under baby's skin, finally, so it's getting cuter and cuter, and Baby's brain can even control body temperature. Eyes are continuing to develop, and red blood cells are forming. Busy week!

As for me, I've felt hiccups a couple times this last week. Those are fun =]. Movement is more frequent and stronger in the morning and early afternoon; by evening HAWKS SCORE. THE GAME IS TIED. IT'S THE THIRD PERIOD. I MAY HAVE A HEART ATTACK they typically are less frequent, but still very strong. Not painful. I hope they don't get painful.

I figured out the random, mild indigestion I've been having... it's when I take my prenatal right before bed. So, now I just don't do that, and it's not an issue. The problem is remembering to take my meds... ah ha ha aha. No but really, I need to do better with that.

My sciatic pain was REALLY bad... was it Monday? Yes, Monday. I could barely walk... I iced the heck out of my back that night, and it helped, but I still am getting flairs of pain now and then. I've heard that can be because of the position of Baby? So maybe I need to try to reposition the baby... I have a prenatal appointment tomorrow, I should ask the midwife.

I am really getting ansy to get the nursery painted and put together, because despite our best efforts, we STILL are not done with it... there is so much to do. Ugh. And I can't wait for my shower, because I really want a crib and a car seat and clothes for baby...

OH. I read online that now is a good time to start getting my and Baby's hospital bag(s) ready... WHAT? I mean, yes, I've been thinking about doing that for a while, but actually have someone say it is crazy... although, my dad would insist that you're not to the halfway point in your pregnancy until the 8th month... so I'm thinking this summer might feel long.

I have been getting diarrhea ("the" diarrhea) every couple days, and been constipated in between... which is new. But I haven't been taking my diatomaceous earth every day, so that could be why... or it could be from this parasite that I've been growing. Hard to say.

Last Friday I had this deal where my uterus felt like it was going to detach from my body and just fall off. Not "out," but OFF. It was the weirdest feeling. Mom said it was just ligaments and the stretching and growing I'm experiencing. It was sort of painful, but I haven't had an issue before or since.

I think that's it. Now I'm going to go get some ice cream and watch the game... GO BLACKHAWKS.

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