Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 28

I am now officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER. How did this happen? Like, last week I was lying on the couch with nausea and only 8 weeks pregnant... where has the time gone?

I'm almost sad that I'm in the third trimester, already. I waited for so long to get pregnant, and I want to cherish every minute of it... but it's going too quickly! I mean, when I think ahead to it, 9 (basically 10) months is a really long time... but when you look BACK on those 9 months, it feels like a week...

According to again, Baby is measuring around 15 inches long and is weighing about 2 1/4 pounds. I definitely believe the 15 inches thing. I often feel movement on opposite sides of my stomach simultaneously. ( says Baby is slightly smaller than I guess Baby is an old hat now at recognizing my voice, which is cool. Baby is working on gaining fat and developing neurons and muscle tone. Also, Baby's lungs are developed enough that were s/he to be born now, s/he would be able to breathe air! While that's awesome and all, I think Baby should stay inside for a LITTLE bit longer, don't you? Thankfully, I've had no symptoms of preterm labor.

My symptoms have been pretty much the same. Mild indigestion, hip pain at night, stiff/sore back, and lots and lots of kicks from Baby. There have been a few changes, though, too. I have been feeling really weak and tired. Not like alarmingly so, but like it's hard to hold my arms up while I'm washing my hair or I'll have to sit down for a minute after going up the stairs. Some days are worse than others. Also, my *ahem* discharge *ahem* has lessened. I still have some, but not nearly as much as I did a couple weeks ago. I mentioned last week that I haven't had too many crazy dreams... yeah, well, I shouldn't have said anything, because lately my dreams have been more vivid and slightly disturbing. Still not many pregnancy dreams, though.

I REALLY want to get a belly pic today, since I'm now in the third tri, so hopefully Jon can help me with that tonight.

So yeah. We still have a LOT to do before Baby comes...texturing and painting the nursery, sealing the dressers, taking out the shower door, cleaning out the dining room and mud room... the list goes on. Here's to hoping it all gets done!

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