Monday, August 20, 2012

Crock Pot: Pork Tenderloin Style

We had a pork tenderloin for dinner today, and it was grand. So tender, so tasty! Here's how I spent all day laboring in the kitchen to make it. I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry. But believe me, it was gorgeous.

First, my husband and I went to Gordy's over the weekend, and saw they had marinated pork tenderloins on sale for less than $3 a pound. So we picked out the marinade we wanted: sherry and teriyaki. Then when we got home we put it in the refrigerator. Step one: complete.

Second, I got up this morning around 9:30 and pulled out our crock pot. At about 9:31 I opened the package... okay, is this too detailed for you? Yeah. Thought so. You get the idea. I put the tenderloin in the crock pot, added some water, and turned it on. Then I decided to look at some recipes online to see if they add water and how much. (I was paranoid it wouldn't turn out, silly me.) I found this recipe to first pan-sear the meat before putting it in the crock pot! That helps keep in the flavor. So I stabbed the meat with a fork and put it in a skillet, then browned both sides of the meat with the stove on high, then put the meat back in the crock pot and almost covered with water. Then left it. All. Day. Long.

I got home from work just after 6, put some rice on, sauteed some fresh green beans, cut up the meat, and, viola, a supremely easy, ridiculously delectable dinner for the husband and me! I can't wait until dinner tomorrow to finish it off!

What are your favorite crock pot recipes? What about pork tenderloin recipes?

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  1. When my kids were little and I was working and going to school, the crock pot was my friend. I would put on a roaster chicken with veggies, pot roast, chili...lots of things. When I walked in the door after a long day, it smelled amazing. I imagined I had a cook or my mom had just cooked my dinner. It is especially wonderful on a cold, snowy, winter evening.