Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pregnant After IUI: Weeks 5 and 6

My baby's heart is beating, kidneys are forming, and even the nose, eyes, chin, and other facial features are beginning to form. How crazy is that?! And yet some try to tell me that it's not a real baby yet...

Let's jump right in to the symptoms. My symptoms have changed so much! My boobs got really sore and then settled down. I'm so much more tired during the day (but don't sleep great at night). Before I wanted to eat everything, and now food just isn't as exciting. Some things still sound good at first, but then when I think more about it, I'm not so sure. I've been starting to get a little nauseous, but only if I go too long between meals. I don't get hungry anymore; I get sick! If I eat a little something, though, I feel much better for a while... maybe an hour or so, then I need another little snack. So I feel like I'm constantly eating! My motion sickness is really bad... I get car sick ssssoooo easily now a days. Even looking at moving objects can set me off. My back has been hurting off and on, but nothing that using my Pilates roller can't fix. My cramps have gotten much less bothersome; however, if I move a certain way my uterus "twinges," which my mom said is completely normal and is just telling my body not to move that way any more. Those also have decreased in frequency. I have never in my life craved anything other than water to drink. But I WANT APPLE CIDER. Jon is actually going to stop and pick some up for me today. I'm so excited. I am so, so constipated...It's awful. Just terrible. I have been taking a DoTERRA Essential Oil blend called DigestZen that is supposed to help (very much diluted, btw, and safe for pregnancy) but I haven't noticed a huge benefit from it. What else...? Irritability has increased, but is still bearable (for me... Jon may say otherwise). Mild night sweats. My sense of smell has increased. Just today I realized our dog stinks. I can't say I have to pee much more, but anyone who knows me know that I already pee quite often. Wow this is a long paragraph.

Now, as for what I've been taking/ doing this pregnancy: I am taking an organic prenatal (that still has soy, go figure), a probiotic ( I want Baby's "first meal" to be a good one!) and taking that DigestZen (1-2 drops in a capsule filled with a carrier oil, taken on a full stomach). At first I kind of ate crap, gained 2-3 pounds, and then "felt" malnourished, so I've gone back to eating better (Baby needs no additional calories in the early stages...) and I've gone back to my starting weight and feel better. I am looking for high-protein meals and well-balanced snacks. I am also going to be looking into early pregnancy exercises and other things I can do to prepare for labor. I am trying to get more walking in, but that hasn't worked out very well.

My mom is already convinced this is a girl. I'm kind of hoping she's right, but I'd be ecstatic either way. I just can't believe I'm finally pregnant. =]

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