Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Christmas To Me!!

I know, I know. I didn't do a Christmas OR a New Year's post. I'm sorry. But you were busy, and I was busy, and I figured you didn't really have time to read anything I might have to say, anyway, what with all the other blogs you read and people you interact with and things you just HAD to do.*

Anyway, I wanted to make a post on my favorite-est Christmas present of all this year. My incredible parents and darling husband pitched in and bought me a Smith and Wesson M&P 40 C!! For all you unlearned-in-the-realm-of-guns-and-gun-jargon that means a Military and Police 40 caliber compact! Or, in layman's terms, an awesome new pistol! I'm so psyched. I love it.

On Christmas day, my dad and I went outside and shot it. People, it was sweet!! The magazines hold 10 rounds, 1 in the chamber, so I can have 11 total in the gun. Dad had the store put an ambidextrous safety on it, and the magazine release can be switched to either side. The slide lock and release are on both sides of the gun as well. It came with two magazines, one with a pinky extension; three different grip sizes; a case, and, of course, the gun. Jon gave me that magazine loader, and we have since bought another pinky extender magazine. And ammo, of course.

Here's how everything fits in the case, or at least, how everything fit until Jon bought me another magazine.

This is my new pistol compared with Jon's Ruger SP101 Revolver. Jon's gun is cool, sure, but mine takes the cake, doesn't it? I just love it so much!!

Thanks, parents and Jon, for the awesome present!! (Other gifts included, in part, a used pressure cooker, chapstick, and some chocolate truffles. The truffles were a close second on the Awesome Christmas Presents: 2012 Edition list.)

May your gun powder always stay dry!

*This is a lie. I just didn't know what to post about.

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