Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Blog? Wait, What's That?

I haven't blogged in ages and while I feel like most people won't care, I know at least a few people who are mildly intrigued by my little existence.

It's almost Christmas. It's practically here. The tree is up, there are a few presents under the tree. It looks marvelous, apart from the two different kinds of lights we have on the tree... we somehow didn't have enough lights this year (it all worked out last year! I don't get it) and so I went to buy another string of lights, but they didn't have the same kind... so I got the closest ones I could, but they're LED and much whiter than the other lights... the older ones are much softer. It makes my OCD-ness tingle.

I have been doing awful trying to lose weight. I am only down about 9 pounds since I started way back in October... at least I haven't been gaining, but I do wish it was going a bit better. I use food to cope, though, and my dad's helping me change that by fasting maybe once a week for just 5 hours or so, and using that time to pray and read the Bible, asking God to help me use Him as a coping mechanism and not food. It's been good, but hard. Food is such a big deal to me. Only by God's grace cam I overcome this, and I know He'll help me, because I know He wants me to turn to Him and not food. Hopefully things will improve as I learn to rely more on God than on sugar.

I think after Christmas, when Christmas-y fabric goes on sale, I'm going to buy some cute stuff and make a cute ...what's the word? I can't think of it... tree rug ring cover-up thingy... TREE SKIRT. That's the word. Yes. One of those, with the awesome sewing machine my husband bought for me at Goodwill for only $30. I don't have any idea how I'm going to do it yet, but I want to do a tutorial on it, so I'll make a post for it.

What else is there to talk about? Liam is doing excellent. Unfortunately, he has really bad reflux and was getting sick every time he ate, so he is now on formula and they gave him some antacid medicine and he is doing so much better! He's getting big already. I think Julie said he was over 11 pounds now. at 6 week old.

What's new with all of you? We got 13 inches of snow last Sunday and today it's raining... Gotta love Wisconsin.

I hope your Christmas lights stay lit this holiday season!

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