Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Don't Hate Me, Do You? I Still Love You!

I must first apologize for my lack of blogger-ly-ness.

I have no excuses. But here is a picture of a Bernese Mountain puppy.

There. That makes up for it, doesn't it? I mean, look at those adorable puppy ears AND DID YOU NOTICE HOW FUZZY HIS HEAD IS? I mean, really. You MUST forgive me now. So ha.

Okay, people. Come back from Puppyland: Adorableness Incarnated now. I'm talking. And I refuse to allow myself to get interrupted on the Internet more than I do in real life. 'Kay, are we back now? Excellent. Let us proceed.

So, I have done a miserly (that's such a fun word!) job of keeping you all updated on my weight loss and goals. I have, thanks to 2 weeks of illness, dropped another 7 pounds these last couple weeks, making my total weight loss since October a whopping 17 pounds. But I'll take it. My goal is to lose 10 more pounds by the second week in March, when we are going on a family vacation to FLORIDA to see my GRANDDADDY. And the ocean. But also my Granddaddy. And partly to get Bubble Bread. But mostly to see my Granddaddy.

I have also, just this week, started doing Pilates again. I need to find some cardio I can do, too, though. I am fairly limited, so it's been a challenge. Walking has been the biggest thing I do (typically parking far away in the parking lot and going to the mall to walk with my sister and my ADORABLE nephew Liam. If you quit interrupting me, I'll show you a picture of just HOW ADORABLE he is later. LATER. JUST WAIT.) You scrolled down, didn't you? Just to check. I would have.

ANYWAY, SHUT UP. I'M TALKING HERE. GET YOUR OWN BLOG IF YOU'VE GOT SO MUCH TO SAY. (DISCLAIMER: I am not really mad. How could you possibly be interrupting me if you're simply READING this? We all know I'm being silly. Right? RIGHT?!)

Onto a new topic. I have been really motivated lately to not only eat healthy, but to be aware of chemicals and toxins that I put ON my body as well. I was watching an interview between and Dr. David Kennedy, who is a leader on flouride (the interview was done by the HealThy Mouth Summit and was free when I watched it and , but now you have to pay quite a bit to see it). After showing some key points to Jon and talking through it will him, we have decided to try the OraWellness Brushing Blend. Here's a brief video that talks about the Bass Method for brushing teeth, what it is, and why it's effective.

We also purchased this Couples Starter Kit which includes the flouride-free tooth cleaner. I did find a recipe to make this stuff at home, as well, which we will try, but I wanted something to compare it to. I don't think we will buy the brushing blend long term. It's just so expensive. (If you want a sermon from me on the dangers of flouride please LEAVE A COMMENT.)

Hmm, what other interesting news or random facts or tidbits of information do I have to share with you? I would like to make some kind of cover for my Kindle like this one:

But I would modify it somewhat. This is a soft case-just fabric. I would want it to be more sturdy. I saw an idea was to use the hard board from a binder and sew it in. I just so happen to have a bunch of old binders that are falling apart that I've been meaning to throw away and haven't, so I may have found a use for them. Another thing I'd change is that that button (which is super cute--no point in denying that) is purely cosmetic. She closes the case with Velcro. Which is loud. I would make the button be the actual closure. The last thing I'd change is the way she keeps the Kindle in the case. She uses 4 large and ungainly pieces of elastic sewed in, which you can't see in this picture. And that works, but is U-G-L-Y-YOU-AIN'T-GOT-NO-ALIBI if you know what I mean. I was thinking perhaps I could either use clear elastic, folds of fabric, or somehow remove the plastic pieces in my current boring black leather case that holds my Kindle inside, keeping it comfy cozy. (I'm not sure I want to do that, though, because then I may not be able to use the utilitarian cover then.) The last option is to cover my current Kindle case with fabric and just glue it on. Not sure how that would look though. Just another project for me to do... in addition to the Christmas tree skirt I want to make and sundry hemming and mending.

Okay, show of hands: who wants to see pictures of Liam? Wait. I can't see your hands. All right, fine, feast your eyes on this gorgeous child whom God gifted to my worthy sister and brother-in-law.
Had to get a picture of his dimple.


Big brown eyes!
 You're welcome. Have a good evening.

(All pictures of Liam belong to my sister. They may not be copied or used without her express permission.)

May your puppies and nephews always be adorable!