Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Never Forget

I bet you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing eleven years ago today.

I know I do. I was eleven. We were just starting our day of homeschooling, and it was in the "early years" of homeschooling, so we were downstairs sitting at our desks (mom relaxed the rules after a while). We were listening to Classical music-- Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire, I think. Dad called. "Turn on the TV," he said. Fox News. We watched as the World Trade Centers, the Twin Towers, were bombarded with hijacked airplanes. 2,606 people lost their lives, including the al-Queda suicides. The worst part was watching those poor people jumping to their deaths rather than go up in flames. NYFD lost 340 firefighters, a chaplain, and 2 paramedics. The police department lost 37 officers. 8 more private EMTS were lost, as well. Citizens from over 90 countries were killed. Makes my heart sick just typing this.

Then the Pentagon was hit. 125 people killed there. They had more warning. But still, I remember thinking, "How can this be happening?! Our own capitol!" This was the kind of thing from movies; something that only happened in distant, far away places, not my beloved country!!

Eventually we found out about United Airlines Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. The one that was headed for our capitol building. About the 40 heroes that died bringing that plane down to save their capitol, my capitol, your capitol. The plane went down only 130 miles from Washington, D.C.

That was a very solemn Tuesday. And We Will Never Forget.

We will never forget the 3000 people who died. We will never forget the attack on our nation by terrorists. We will always hold up, appreciate, admire, and remember the heroes who died. The families of the victims.


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