Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Today is my husband's birthday! 

I think I was more excited for it than he was... We didn't do anything special. He worked. I did the dishes and swept the floor, picked the house up a bit, made it nicer (he likes having things in order, and who can blame him? Too bad I'm so lazy most of the time...). We're ordering Jim's pizza for dinner. I got him Coke for some Rum and Coke (one of his favorite drinks!) and some "real fruit" popsicles for dessert. We'll probably watch a movie tonight. I got him a card, a hat, and Lady and the Tramp on Bluray and DVD.  Nothing terribly exciting.

But I'm just so glad he's here... Glad that he's mine.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this man. He is SO PERFECT for me. Laid back. Quiet, Calm. Calming. Sweet. Kind. Gentle. Loving. Amazing. Gentlemanly. He does things for me. Helps me. Loves me. He's irreplaceable. And I love him.

Okay, sappy much? Sorry, guys. I'm done.

I love you, Jon!! Happy birthday!!


 Okay... now I really am done!

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