Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 32

Eight weeks until my due date. Less than two calender months. How is that possible?

According to, baby is about 16.5 inches long, and 4.5 lbs... that's quite a bit bigger than the 2.5-4 lbs that claims. Both say baby is gaining quickly, though, and the skin is filling out with all that fat that's getting deposited. Also, Baby is sleeping around 90-95% of the day! Which explains why I don't feel movement quite as much. Also, Baby is now head down, huzzah! I REALLY didn't want a breech baby, because that's an automatic c-section at the hospital I'm delivering in. I mean, I suppose there's a lot of time left, and Baby COULD turn breech, but let's hope that doesn't happen.

Really the only new symptom I've had is cramping. So, Monday night I woke up in quite a bit of pain with menstrual-like cramps, which is supposedly what contractions feel like, only it seemed to last forever and wasn't so much of a wave as a bombardment. I tried rolling onto my other side, and discovered that I was incredibly dizzy. Eventually it went away (felt like 5-10 minutes after I woke up, but I didn't check my phone so it could have been very different, time-wise.) But then I started getting another shortly after. And I suppose, being awake for the start of the second, it did sort of build. Anyway, when the second one started, I thought maybe it would help if I peed, so I got up, and was still dizzy, but made it to the toilet and that didn't help at all. So I went to lie back down and that one went away after a while. I fell back to sleep, but when I got up the next morning, I was still dizzy, and had a few very mild cramps. My abs and uterus were sore, and if I stretched out during the day Tuesday my uterus would get really sore for a while. The dizziness and cramps were gone by mid-morning, though, so I didn't call anyone. I figured it's just that I'm so pregnant. If it were to happen again and not stop, then I'd call. But that was a fun experience, anyway. I got to practice my relaxation techniques! haha

As for other symptoms, the swelling in my hands is pretty steady, but that could be in part from the heat this week. My feet are even swelling a little, though not bad. Little to no indigestion to speak of. OH! Baby must have dropped a bit, because I can now walk up stairs and not sound like a winded rhino! Score!

On a different note, it's amazing how fast I can go from, "My uterus really hurts, and I haven't felt baby in the last 5 minutes, but I just felt baby move a few hours ago, so I know everything is fine," to "Oh my gosh, I haven't felt Baby for a few hours, and my uterus like, really hurts... what if my baby is in distress, or not getting enough oxygen, or the placenta has detached from the uterine wall and that's why it hurts and why Baby isn't moving... Please, God, let me feel Baby move just a little to know everything's okay!" And then invariable Baby twitches or wiggles or squirms just enough for me to feel it and know everything is all right again. It's really quite the roller coaster of emotions, lol. It's almost like I don't realize how in tune I am to Baby, and how much I worry about it, until I'm lying in bed and it's the middle of the night and I realize I haven't felt the baby since before I went upstairs. It's weird.

As for the nursery, we decided to NOT stain OR seal the dressers, and it was an awesome decision, because neither of us wanted to spend the time or money it would have required to do the thing properly. So that's been a HUGE weight off our shoulders. They are now put together and ready to be put where we want them, but without the crib up there yet, it's hard to say where that will be. The curtains are up, Jon got a changing table from Savers and put that together, and my shower is this weekend! It feels like things are coming together, but we'll see what we get. We still need several big items, and I doubt we'll get them all, so I may still be stressed next week. But it'll all work out.

That was my week. I will try to remember to have Jon help me with a belly pic this evening, and post it at least on facebook, if not add it to here as well.

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