Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pregnant After IUI: Week 31

My baby will be full term in 6 short weeks... and there's still so much to do! The nursery is FINALLY painted; now we need to clean it and start moving stuff in... although we don't have a crib yet, and the dressers still need to get sealed. I would like to get the shower doors taken off an put a curtain up, which means I need to find my shower curtain. We have to finish unpacking (or at least relocating) all of the boxes in the dining room, rearrange the kitchen cupboards to make room for baby stuff, move the dining room table from the mud room into the dining room, get shelving up in the mud room, make a baby blanket, some burp cloths, and finish the wall art for the nursery... ugh. On the plus side, my baby shower is in a week and a half, yay! I can't wait...

So this week Baby is, according to, a whopping 16 inches long and close to 4 pounds, and is set to gain about half a pound a week for the next few weeks. That's incredible. Baby is moving a lot, and it's sometimes hard to breathe because of it. Every once in a while I'll take a great big breath and realize I wasn't getting enough air. It's kind of odd. Baby's eyes are working and can respond to light, and all five senses are functional. Baby's brain and nerves are continuing to mature. Lots of growth going on!

As for me, as I said, I'm out of breath a lot, and I'm apparently still dealing with the irrational irritation sometimes, although that DOES seem to be better. I'm craving fruit, which is fine with me. I have had a couple of times where my gums bleed after brushing or flossing, and that's new, but it's not a lot... maybe 3-4 times in the last 2 weeks or so. I had some indigestion like yesterday and the day before or something, but the ACV in water fixed it right up and I've had no issues since. I'm pretty much always a little swollen now, and... was it last night? it was hard to get my wedding ring off. But over all it's been super manageable. Trying to think if there is anything else... I have a prenatal appointment this afternoon, and I get to hear Baby's heart "beep," which I am really looking forward to.

I feel like babies born now have such a good chance for survival... yes, it's still early, and Baby can stay in there for a while yet, but it's comforting to know that my baby would likely be okay--with lots of time in the NICU, I'm sure--if I were to go into labor now. We aren't READY for a baby now, but knowing that Baby would probably live is a huge comfort. I remember early in my pregnancy thinking, "What's the point of calling the doc if something is wrong? There is so little they can do at this point." But now, it's like, real. I don't really know how to describe it. Anyway, I'm happy to be this far along, and I'm excited to meet this little person.

Oh, and today I was thinking about how weird it will be to not be able to FEEL every single one of Baby's kicks and wiggles, but to see them instead, and the facial expressions, and all of that... so cool. August is so close!

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