Thursday, November 8, 2012

Small Victories

Just a quick report on a few small victories for me. Today Jon and I went on a drive, and we stopped at a gas station for me to pee (like usual). I saw a pack of doughnuts, and I was like, *Gasp* "I want doughnuts!" *to Jon* "Do you want doughnuts? I want doughnuts. We should get some doughnuts." So we walked over to the bakery section and looked at the doughnuts. They had a cinnamon doughnut that looked AMAZING. I looked at it, turned around, and walked away. Didn't buy it. Score!

Then, my sister and I decided to go out Christmas shopping, since it's almost Christmastime already. We had a very unsuccessful trip, but we were thinking of stopping at the food court for dinner. I decided not to, and ate before I left: homemade chili in soaked/sprouted rice. It was delectable. I saved money and ate healthy. Huzzah!

Finally, at the mall, my sister (who had not eaten dinner) got hungry, so we stopped and got fruit smoothies. Mine was very disappointing. I wanted a churro. So Katie said that if I still wanted a churro when we left, we could stop and get one. I agreed. We went shopping, and I had to get a belt because my pants keep falling down. We were leaving, and I tell Katie we can skip the churro, because I just had to buy a belt longer than the Golden Gate Bridge. Victory!

Plus, I weighed myself this morning, and I have gotten rid of two and a half pounds. Super encouraging. Totally going to keep it up!!

Also, Liam is adorable. To read his birth story check out Julie's blog Ramblings.

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