Friday, November 2, 2012

Little Liam is here!

Today we welcomed into our family a new member! Liam Anthony Petras was born at 12:22 (I think) on November 2nd.

He is 8 lbs, 1 oz; 20 inches long.
Born at 42 weeks, 2 days gestation.

Unfortunately, Julie did not get the birthing experience she was hoping for; after an ultrasound at 42 weeks, the doc said he wanted to induce immediately due to low amniotic fluid and Liam not moving around much. After 2 days of contractions with little progress, the doc recommended a C-Section and Julie and Damon agreed. This beautiful baby boy was born healthy and he and mama are doing great! Apparently, his head was caught on Julie's hip, and that's why labor wasn't progressing. But he's here now and we're all madly in love with the little guy. He's got black hair, one dimple on his right cheek, and big feet! So adorable!

I'm already his favorite aunt. I can tell by the way he squints his eyes and blinks when I hold him.

Congratulations to Julie and Damon on the birth of their perfect son. Welcome to our world, Liam! Love you all so much!

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