Monday, January 12, 2015

Wheat- Corn- and Soy-free?


Sorry I've been AWOL lately.

But today Jon and I are starting a two-week avoidance of all corn, wheat, and soy. Today went really well.

I weighed myself this morning. I WILL NOT be posting that weight on here, but I DID write it down and will be keeping track of it these next two weeks.

I am also keeping a food journal. What I ate/when, how I feel, etc. I really want to see if going off wheat, corn, and soy helps my mood, helps me feel better, and benefits Jon.

After two weeks, we will introduce one at a time and see how we do.

So, day one went well. I ate really healthy. Like, it wasn't just like gluten free sweets all day. I had a banana and peanut butter and a homemade fruit and nut bar for breakfast, salad and veggie chips for lunch, salad and soup for dinner, and a strawberry smoothie when I was craving something sweet tonight. No refined sugars, no processed foods... it was refreshing. I feel like I've gotten nutrients, which is kind of sad. We've been eating pretty badly since James died... we just haven't had the motivation to cook and be healthy.

So, anyway, today was easy and I was surprised. I thought I'd have intense sugar cravings, since my diet was like 80% carbs before, and those just turn right into sugar when you eat them, but I felt pretty good all day and got a lot done. So that's encouraging for tomorrow.

Hope the rest of the two weeks goes okay.

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